When you hear the word forever
To you, what does it mean?
Is it a space in time?
Or is it a destiny?
I used to think that forever was
The sum of life’s pain
That with blow after blow
Eventually I’d fall and not get up again
Forever was a challenge
I was willing to accept
I wondered how long it might take
For me to pay my debt
As time keeps moving
While my body fails me
I think of it
So very differently
I see forever these days
As somewhere in between
As both an amount of time
As well as a destiny
I think I will understand
When space and time connect
That all the days that came before
Will mean it’s time to rest
When I have completed
The work God had planned for me
That He had written
Long before I came to be
When the time comes
For forever and I to meet
I think that I will understand
When I reach God’s sanctuary
Where the ones I love
Wait to welcome me with grace
As forever takes my hand
And leads me through Heaven’s gates
Until then I will try
To do my very best
To live each day to the fullest
Living a life without regret.
Katherine Spitzer

#life #poetry #hope #curiosity #faith

Brief but Beautiful

There are times
Brief or not
Where Beauty shines
On where you are

Being so blessed
When we own it
Not stressed
Living in the moment

Memories are best
When looking back
If kept in the past
And not holding you back

In steady beams
Or with a spark
Not measured by time
But measured by heart

When we have witnessed
Someone so pure
Who may have not taken
A step on this earth

As if God has sprinkled
A love you’ve never known MM that star twinkle
So you are never alone

A rainbow of colors
Delight in each one
Washing away your sorrows
Raindrops kissed by the sun

A soul passing through
On the way home
Loved deeply by you
Because you were her Mom
Katherine A. Spitzer

#poetry #life #stillbirth #grief

So ya… 5/5/22

I AM still alive. After 9 days in the hospital I have a new friend

SIEGFRIED (Sig) is a PICC Line. He is on the inside of my right arm and goes up to right above my heart.

My friend – is a little Needy (sshthat’s our secret) and insists on going everywhere with me.


More soon, thanks for being here, it means so much. Stay Blessed, Love Kat


Double Rainbow April 21, 2022

Do you hear
Me pray to you
With a heart
That loves you true

I am trying to
Open my eyes
To live my life
Not let it pass me by

I want to hear
The birds in the trees
Calling to me
To listen quietly

To the stories
That they tell
The geese with
Their nightly farewell

The shades of
The leaves in the trees
So beautiful
Changing Seasonally

The colors of this world
That you paint
Fading into each other
Off in the distance

The sparkle of
The nightly stars
Guiding our way to say
You are not far

The sun
Burning bright
Lights our day
With keen insight

Showing us beauty
Within every beam
Shining down upon us to highlight
Sights otherwise unseen

The waves crashing
Onto the beach
Sometimes so swiftly that
It knocks us off our feet

All the dollars
On the sand
The riches of each tide
Are scattered all around

The raindrops that fall
Tears from above
As You weeps quietly
With Your undying love

The rainbows so delightful Dancing colors in the sky
Take away the breath
Of those within it’s sight

The mountains towering
Capped in white
A chilling embrace of frozen might

A breeze that carries
The leaves away
Softly blowing in
The beauty of today

Dear God
Thank You so
For showing me Your love
With the wonders You bestow.
Katherine Spitzer

#poetry #gratitude #life #God #love

Pages in Time

Shadows of
The moonlit glow
A space between
What we don’t know
Sunlight streams
With dancing beams
Light a path
Of the dreams in between
Mystic glow
Disperse into the unknown
From gentle streams
Of rhythmic flow
Shooting stars
Light the sky
And the dreams
Of you and I
Pages in time
Yours and mine
Let us entwine
Where our hearts are tied
Age to age
All in all
Loves message
Written on a wall
Of all the days
That recall
All the ways
That love befalls
Swept away
Like a midnight ball
Yet love remains
For eternity
Never lead astray
A forever shade of history.
Katherine Spitzer

#lovemylife #poetry

God’s Precision

Are your eyes
Ever distracted by
The color of the sky
By the sunset or sunrise

Does it ever
Capture your gaze
Hold onto your thoughts
Or take you away

Do you ever
Lie on the ground
Like when you were young
To find shapes in the clouds

Everyday life
Wraps us up so tight
In all the things we have to do
That we miss life’s delight

The waves of the seas
Crash upon the beach
The dance of the ocean
Is blissfully unique

The wind of today
Push the clouds on their journey
Never to be repeated again
In the same exact way

Stop and consider
Every single tiny thing combined
That make up the universe
That is so intricately designed

Far beyond what any human
Could ever envision
The absolute beauty
Of God’s precision

This world was made
With loving hands
So go outside and adventure
Live a life that its beauty demands.
Katherine Spitzer

#life #poetry #blessed #hope