Mirror, Mirror

Mirror Mirror
Can you see
This broken heart
Inside of me
I need to know
How to breathe
Without you here
This pain to ease
Mirror Mirror
Can it be
That you’re a witness
To my needs
I am broken
On my knees
And I am hurting
Beyond belief
Mirror MIrror
Help me flee
From the pain
That comes endlessly
In this winter
My tears do freeze
As they fall
Upon my cheeks
Mirror Mirror
Set me free
And thaw this frozen
Heart in me
Shadows creep
Through a hole
A mile wide
Within my soul
Mirror Mirror
Can you see
Me as I shake like leaves
Blown by the breeze
I stumble
To stay upright
I cannot give up
Without a fight
Mirror Mirror
It’s up to you
To lead me from
This impending doom
Darkness Falls
Inside of me
I cannot fight
My destiny
Mirror Mirror
Have you witnessed
A fading light
Off in the distance
The wind shakes
Me to the core
I don’t want to
Hurt anymore
Mirror Mirror
What’s to be
Of this broken
Heart in me
Katherine Spitzer
#poetry #life
An Old poem that I am reposting

11 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. This is really deep! I find it very inspirational!

    Mirror mirror
    I am hopingโ€™
    You can show me
    Iโ€™m not broken

    And if Iโ€™m broken
    Can you show me
    Just how and where
    I can begin to repair?

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