An Old Companion

This is a poem from many years ago, struggling with
my addiction. Repost

An old companion
Down the hall
I cannot abandon
I hear it call
Standing silent
Looking back at me
To be defiant
I cannot be
It’s gentle urging
For my return
As I am purging
I feel the burn
A spell of silence
So very loud
Once reliant
Cannot be found
A memory
Of sweet embrace
Has now become
A relentless chase
The acid sears
My every breath
Until there is
Nothing left
My friend, my friend
I hear you call
You, I will defend
Throughout it all
A tiny bottle
From the past
Here in denial
This chance, my last
For the love
Of my destruction
It is enough
Your sweet seduction
It’s my turn
To form a plan
To ensure
One last stand
My friend, my friend
Time cannot recall
Without your hand
Will I take the fall
The bottle I hold
In my grasp
A story told
Of the past
My heart is breaking
From the pain you bestow
There’s no mistaking
You have hurt me so
I cannot trust
In you, so
Now I must
Let you go
My friend, my friend
Please set me free
For until the end
You will deceive.
Katherine Spitzer
#poetry #life #addiction#eating disorder

11 thoughts on “An Old Companion

  1. I have a friend from HS that dealt with sex addiction and She is now a sex therapist in Seattle.
    Addiction is simply a way to self-medicate, to survive whatever is going on. There is ZERO shame in it.
    Plus we are the ones who have the experience, strength, and hope to lead others to recovery- which is A-Mazing!!!

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    1. It finally clicked what you said 🤦‍♂️

      That’s true! We don’t go through darkness to remain in it. We should overcome to become lights!

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  2. I’m a man of many addictions. I’m happy to say that I’ve overcome them. Though many still still attempt to nag at me.

    Thank you for sharing your heart!


    1. I very much have an addictive personality… with more than one skeleton stuffed away.

      One thing to remember is that while it is often quite familiar, Addiction is not creative.

      It hangs around for something you are struggling with and likes to come out and say “Hiya, remember me, remember the feeling, I can help “fix” you.
      It took me a few backs and forths before I was strong enough to say 🖕🖕🖕 back at it.
      It feels good to open up. Thank you again for your kind words

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      1. I completely understand. I’ve been around… alcohol, drugs, anything that could keep me out of my right mind. Porn was the hardest addiction. My brain is wired to believe if that’s going on then there’s nothing else to worry about. It became a coping mechanism and one of the worst.

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      2. It didn’t show up in my spam.. 🤦‍♂️ WP ate it. I’m sorry! You can either try again or comment on my blog. If you want.


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