Evil’s Grasp

I honestly don’t know where this poem came from or why this morning. It is darker than most of my work since the early ’90s. Except for a poem I wrote in December of 2008, called “Satan’s Lies”. Not to say that I have some darker poems, but they are closer to gray, and this feels more like pitch black. I do hope, either way, that you enjoy it.  Thanks for being here and stay blessed.

There is such a contradiction 
Between the power of will
And the devastating effects
From the power of evil

Have you ever met
Someone so cold
If you were able to look inside
You would see they have no soul

Have you ever heard
Evil, call your name
Or watched it reach out
As it grabs onto your hand

Once it has you
Within its grasp
You are at the mercy
Of its attack

Have you ever felt a chill
From across the room
Causing the overwhelming sense
Of impending doom 

Or have you ever heard
Evil whisper in your ear
So clearly, that you
Began to shake with fear

Felt it breathe
On the back of your neck
With hands around your throat
Choking out your breath

Where its face becomes
So  close to yours
You cannot disregard
Its unmistakable force

Like the eye of a tornado
Where you begin to feel relief
Only to be picked up again
Thrown across the street

It is in the shadows
Where Evil hides
With many faces
It attempts to disguise

Believe in yourself
No matter how it tries
Trust your gut
Your instincts won't lie

Stand strong
In your conviction
Pray for God's strength
As well as His protection

No matter your beliefs
No matter what I say
Evil walks among us
Every single day

There is nothing at all
No greater extreme
Between Heaven and Hell
In the lengths of eternity.

Katherine Spitzer
March 30, 2022

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