Beckoning Call

My heart cannot hear Love’s beckoning call
It is unable to penetrate these walls
Surrounding my heart like a sacred place
Letting nothing enter, leaving only empty space
Loneliness consumes this hole of tears
Letting them spill, flowing from my eyes
Through my heart with painful cries

Nothing lives in this broken heart of mine.

10 thoughts on “Beckoning Call

    1. Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it. I wrote it when I was 17.
      I really struggled with my depression and anxiety in High School. I was literally a emotional ping-pong ball. Laughing one second and having a complete breakdown the next.
      It was exhausting.


  1. The best kind of writer is one who can make their reading audience feel their words. You achieved this, even in the 80’s!

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    1. Wow thanks. That’s an amazing compliment. I always kept my writing hidden in my school locker or in my foot locker. I was so afraid that others judgements would stop me from expressing myself and I really needed to be able to get my feelings out.
      I just found my high school English teacher and I really want to reach out to him, and thank him for being such a great teacher. I don’t know what is holding me back. It’s been 34 years. But I have always wanted to…

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      1. Writing/poetry is personal. For myself, every poem is a part of me. So I understand how praise and criticism makes or breaks you.

        I’d call you a natural. Because you’re always coming from the heart and I can feel it.

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      2. You write beautifully from the heart. I can feel your words. I as not too good at obscure words and much more direct in how I write. I ❤️ descriptive poems that inspire your imagination to take flight.

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      3. Take my compliment Katherine!! 😂

        And thank you. I have a love/hate relationship with my writing. Sometimes I can’t believe what I’ve written. And sometimes I think it’s all rubbish and I want to delete all of it. It’s kind of where I came up with the idea that creativity is madness.

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