When you hear the word forever
To you, what does it mean?
Is it a space in time?
Or is it a destiny?
I used to think that forever was
The sum of life’s pain
That with blow after blow
Eventually I’d fall and not get up again
Forever was a challenge
I was willing to accept
I wondered how long it might take
For me to pay my debt
As time keeps moving
While my body fails me
I think of it
So very differently
I see forever these days
As somewhere in between
As both an amount of time
As well as a destiny
I think I will understand
When space and time connect
That all the days that came before
Will mean it’s time to rest
When I have completed
The work God had planned for me
That He had written
Long before I came to be
When the time comes
For forever and I to meet
I think that I will understand
When I reach God’s sanctuary
Where the ones I love
Wait to welcome me with grace
As forever takes my hand
And leads me through Heaven’s gates
Until then I will try
To do my very best
To live each day to the fullest
Living a life without regret.
Katherine Spitzer

#life #poetry #hope #curiosity #faith

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