Double Rainbow April 21, 2022

Do you hear
Me pray to you
With a heart
That loves you true

I am trying to
Open my eyes
To live my life
Not let it pass me by

I want to hear
The birds in the trees
Calling to me
To listen quietly

To the stories
That they tell
The geese with
Their nightly farewell

The shades of
The leaves in the trees
So beautiful
Changing Seasonally

The colors of this world
That you paint
Fading into each other
Off in the distance

The sparkle of
The nightly stars
Guiding our way to say
You are not far

The sun
Burning bright
Lights our day
With keen insight

Showing us beauty
Within every beam
Shining down upon us to highlight
Sights otherwise unseen

The waves crashing
Onto the beach
Sometimes so swiftly that
It knocks us off our feet

All the dollars
On the sand
The riches of each tide
Are scattered all around

The raindrops that fall
Tears from above
As You weeps quietly
With Your undying love

The rainbows so delightful Dancing colors in the sky
Take away the breath
Of those within it’s sight

The mountains towering
Capped in white
A chilling embrace of frozen might

A breeze that carries
The leaves away
Softly blowing in
The beauty of today

Dear God
Thank You so
For showing me Your love
With the wonders You bestow.
Katherine Spitzer

#poetry #gratitude #life #God #love


My heart broke a bit more today
Sitting next to your bed
You were fighting so hard to stay
As each breath was labored

I sat there among your friends
Where I felt truly blessed
Knowing you were near the end
As you struggled for every breath

I held your hand
I kissed your forehead
I told you how I was blessed
Because of you my friend

One by one
Everyone said goodbye
All of a sudden
It was just you and I

I spoke of my memories
We had so much fun
Because that is who you are
To everyone

I told you of all the love
Posted on your page
I spoke of those Harley rides
I treasure every single one

I told you that I would
Forever cherish our friendship
That if I could
Have just one wish

I wish you could stay
So that we could laugh
For many more days
But God had a different plan

I said look at you
Fighting so hard to stay
That you didn’t have to
That it would be okay

That you didn’t have to anymore
But I did not expect
When I said it was alright to let go
That you would take your last breath

But that is what happened
You were ready to say goodbye
I cried as I held your hand
While the nurse closed your eyes

Feeling completely blessed
That I got to say goodbye
So soar with the eagles
Take a Harley for a ride

Ride on your horses
Feel the breeze going by
With Rags on your lap
Who waited for you to arrive

Say hello to Colin
Hug your dear dad
I had the very best friend
In such an amazing man.

Katherine Spitzer. 10/2/2015
#poetry #life #death #grief

I wrote this poem for my wonderful friend on Friday after He flew to Heaven.


Dear God,
I am so amazed
At the gifts you bestow
The wonder of your grace
For all the world to know
You are so gracious
With your gifts of love
Your skies are so spacious
Hovering above
The sun is so warm
Shining in the sky
The power of the storms
That shows us all your might
God did you know
As the days go by
I know you love me so
As you hold this heart of mine
Sometimes I get lost
In what the day brings
Forgetting that I have sought
Only earthly things
I thank you so
For all you have given me
For what I have yet to know
For all I have yet to see
The visions in my mind
Of what Forever will be
To leave the earth behind
For Your gifts so heavenly Sometimes I forget
The lessons that you teach
I don’t want to regret
Or miss a love within my reach
You touch my heart
Deeply into my soul
Loving me from the start
Teaching me to follow
Thank you for your love
For my friends and family
For my daughter and son
For the gift of eternity
For my husband, my friend
To walk beside me
A love on which I can depend
As true as the sea
Or the Sun above
That you have chosen me
As a child that is enough
Where Heaven is my destiny.
Katherine Spitzer

Still Breathing

I am reposting this poem that I wrote after two mass shootings in Texas in a single weekend. It seems like there is so much madness and hatred… but why? How has violence the immediate reaction to even the smallest slight? How did we get here? I don’t understand and I don’t think that I will ever understand. I hope you enjoy the read. Please stay blessed and kindness has the power to save the world. Thanks so much for being here, ❤️ Kat

I am still here

Still breathing

Consuming air

A human being

My God

Does your heart break

In awe

Of the rampent hate

Despite your words

Of loving grace

Are you disturbed

By the human race

Every time

I turn around

In hatred and violence

Lives are shot down

For everyday

Of this year

In the United States

A mass murder

Instigated by

Hate speech

Rhetoric and lies

From those who lead

How did we

Get to this place

Becoming so ugly

Where everyone’s afraid

Grade school kids

Have butterflies

Looking ahead

As excitements rise

When back to school shoppers

Fall victim on Saturday

To a planned massacre

And wind up in a grave

God do your tears fall

Like mine do here

Where evil crawls

Across the universe

I know it will be

As written in the scripture

Your return eventually

Will change this picture

I am not afraid

Of your return

When the evil that walks

Will forever burn

As long as I

Am still here

Still breathing

Consuming air

I will pray to you

For comfort and peace

For your presence

With those in need

My Almighty Savior

Faithful are thee

With your love so pure

Blessed are those who believe

I will never be perfect

Or ever claim to be

I have stumbled for certain

Still you love me completely

My God, I love you too.

Katherine Spitzer 8/20/2019

#poetry #faith #iamachildofgod #believe #hope #life


Let us delight in the Lord

So warm
The sun on my skin
The soft breeze
Are kisses of the wind

The stars
Floating in the sky
Light a path
To heaven for you and I

God created
This world so amazing
A reward
So peacefully waiting

God gives us a choice
To pick our direction in life
Called free will
Its you who decides

He defines the way
Written in scripture
A map laid out
An eternal picture

God is willing to wait
Patiently for you
Always ready to forgive
If you ask Him to

Enjoy your journey
In this precious life
Take in the sun’s warmth
Explore God’s handmade delights.
Katherine Spitzer

The Other Side of Me

I wrote this poem many years ago. I ❤️ it, because it was 100% true.
I am sharing again for my new followers.
I ❤️ feedback. Can you relate to any part of it… Have you ever felt this way? Please let me know. Thank you for being here and stay blessed. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

There’s a secret that I hide
When you look at me
The story that hides inside
The other side of me

When you see me laugh and play
The smiles that you see
Really only hide the truth
The other side of me

The funny things that I do
That make me seem carefree
Only hide the tears I cry
The other side of me

The jokes I tell to make light
So you cannot see
The fears behind the mask
The other side of me

I hide the ugly with a laugh
So I can deceive
The pain, the torment and the fear
The other side of me

If I’m willing to take a chance
There’s truth in front of me
Can I trust in these new things
With the other side of me

Can I look to the sky
After the awful things I’ve seen
To trust in the Lord’s graciousness
For the other side of me

If I look to the Lord
Forgiveness waits for me
The bondage of a childhood
The other side of me

I want to be a happy child
God watching over me
So all that hides the other side
Can finally be set free.

Katherine Spitzer

Gratitude – 03/29/22

Gratitude for another week. Thank you for being here. I appreciate the new blogs that I have found this week and for those of you who are new here. Of course everyone else as well. This is an exciting time for me, despite coping with the recent death of my mom. I spent 4 months living away from my husband and kids to care for my 88-year-old father.
I broke my right foot on November 1st as well as tore all the ligaments across it. It was a 4 month period of Zero weight-bearing… no driving, no stairs, and relying on everyone else to care for me. I wanted to share a few  things that help me beyond blogging and sharing because that helps me more than I can put into words. Thanks again ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

A few things that I always try to remember when I am feeling down

The road of life is never straight. There are always lots of twists and turns, enormous hills with long deep valleys.
Just remember to buckle up and hang on-

Small acts of kindness, have the power to save the world.

In a field of horses, always choose to be the unicorn

If you are discouraged, write down a list of gratitudes and see how long your list becomes…

Always, Always, laugh as often as you can


Do you ever think
You will love SO much
That you will completely break
Far beyond the strongest strength
Or is it something only I do
To love so far beyond self
I am caught playing the fool
Wishing I was anywhere else
I will love so hard, I cry
In pain, but more often happiness
Tears that I will never deny
When I hear a voice I’ve missed
It doesn’t take too much
If you make it inside
To break through the toughness
Of the shell in which I sometimes hide
It is simply a mirage
Protecting someone vulnerable
A breakable facade
My soul through a window
I am honest and loyal
What I consider to be a true friend
Loving you more than you know
Faithful to the very end
Please do not ever think
That this kind of love
Is a sign of being weak
Because it is deep enough
To carry you through
The darkest of storms
The way that God has loved you
From before you were born
He is the ONE who defines love
He is my guide and so I follow
With the light from above
Not from the shadows
So if, in this life, I must break
If that is what makes a true friend
Loving you is not a mistake
For in his Kingdom, He will mend.
Katherine Spitzer 2018
#hope #love


Do you ever wonder how
It can hurt to breathe
Or wonder if your heart
Can continue to beat
There have been nights
I could hardly believe
When the sun rose
To shine on my face tenderly
Sometimes the rain is quick
To fall to the ground
And then I wonder how it is
That I did not drown
Where sadness sits
So heavily upon my chest
As I seem to struggle for
Every single breath
How can the hope you have
Become so hopeless
When do your dreams
Disappear into the darkness
How is it so much easier
To let tears fall endlessly
Then it is to find the laughter
Hidden deep within me
I know one day that I will
Understand this mystery
God will share the answers
When we finally meet
For now, I will remember
If I stumble and fall down
I know that I am never lost
With God, I am found.
K Spitzer
#poetry #life #pain #depression