The weight of the world
Is crushing me
Yet I can’t find my voice
To be able to speak
If you asked me
How are you?
I am likely to smile
Saying I am fine, and you?
Fine is the farthest thing
From the words of my heart
But I won’t say a word
I will just fall apart
You can quickly
Erase me from this life
As fast as you could
Wipe away the tears I cry
Like the waves
Crashing onto the beach
Instantly erase
The prints of my feet
Almost as if
I were never here at all.
Katherine Spitzer

#poetry #life

Simply Me

Clouds are Breaking
Sun peaks from between
Clouds like stained glass
Through drapes of pale green

Tempting my skin to feel
Tears stream
Day after day
As laughter screams

It’s not so simple
It is just simply me
Basically complex
From seam to seam

Low and high tide
Nightmares and sweet dream
It’s all or nothing
But there’s nothing in between.

Darkness into Light
Summer through Spring
Night into day
Every second every heartbeat

It’s not so simple

It is just simply me
Basically complex
From seam to seam.

February 3, 2022

The River

I held out my hand true
Tempted to believe
That the leverage might be enough for you
Knowing all along, I am naive
I always hope for skies of blue
But that hope is often deceived
As you were so dead set to prove
My eyes could hardly believe
The tantrums that you threw
How you screamed and stomped your feet
Like a child with the terrible two’s
With an incessant need
As a child that just left the womb
Your presence made it hard to breathe
While the Chaos of your shadow loomed
Your years numbered thirty three
darkness of impending doom
From your every pore it seeped
More and more I withdrew
As regret enveloped me
Facing the fact I already knew
The one that I deceived, was yours truly.
January 25, 2022