When you hear the word forever
To you, what does it mean?
Is it a space in time?
Or is it a destiny?
I used to think that forever was
The sum of life’s pain
That with blow after blow
Eventually I’d fall and not get up again
Forever was a challenge
I was willing to accept
I wondered how long it might take
For me to pay my debt
As time keeps moving
While my body fails me
I think of it
So very differently
I see forever these days
As somewhere in between
As both an amount of time
As well as a destiny
I think I will understand
When space and time connect
That all the days that came before
Will mean it’s time to rest
When I have completed
The work God had planned for me
That He had written
Long before I came to be
When the time comes
For forever and I to meet
I think that I will understand
When I reach God’s sanctuary
Where the ones I love
Wait to welcome me with grace
As forever takes my hand
And leads me through Heaven’s gates
Until then I will try
To do my very best
To live each day to the fullest
Living a life without regret.
Katherine Spitzer

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Chimes of the Clock

Chimes of the clock
Come slowly in sleepless nights
Eyes are open
With a sense of fright
Shadows creep up the wall
Far from light
Behind a blanket, a cover
A shield of might
Maybe they won’t find me
The monsters of the night
Eyes peeking through
Covers wound tight
Waiting for the sun
With the calm that it invites
To break free from
The demons of the night
To take cover with
A blanket of sunlight.
Katherine Spitzer

#poetry #life #anxiety


from a foggy dream

Waking at
The edge of a dream
Not quite reality

A bit of haze
Around the sides
Of a vision left
In my mind

Where do they come from
Somewhere deep inside
Are they some form of hope
In the chaos of this life

Pondering why
Dreams are there
As we close our eyes
But so hard to remember

Isn’t it strange
That when we wake
How quickly it is
Away they fade

There are times
They are so brilliant
So bright, so vivid
So absolutely thrilling

Then there are visits
From ones passed away
A Reminder that
This life is temporary

Those brief instances
I treasure the gift
Where I want to stay asleep
Taking time to reminisce

Whatever their purpose
Or why they occur
While I’m awake
A curious mind stirs.

Katherine Spitzer

About this poem

Dreams are complex or maybe just complex the way I think about them.
I truly do believe God speaks in certain dreams. The ones that are vivid and don’t just evaporate when we wake, the ones that become memories. Then I believe that some are visits, from loved ones passed on, who want us to know that they are okay. Lastly, I feel like some dreams are warnings of caution of what is to come