Hello Friends! I am looking for some peer review of my poem – The Void

If you would tell me if this poem evokes emotions or what thoughts rise within? Are you able to relate? And if you are willing, in what way. Thank You. God Bless

The Void

Like a punch to the gut
My breath is gone
Out of the blue
Into pitch black
Without a whisper
Without a signal
You disappeared
Don’t blink, I say
Don’t close your eyes
For those seconds
Will change your life
A snap of your fingers
The crack of a whip
It is gone forever
And it is never coming back
Don’t you want to scream
‘Stop’ all this spinning
I am getting so dizzy
And I want to get off
Where is the button
To put the world on pause
I don’t want to miss anything
But I am not sure I can go on
Does anybody hear me
Hear my thoughts cry out
In silent desperation
For crying out loud
Beyond a shadow of doubt
Will you catch me
Because I’m falling fast
Into the void
Into the pitch black
Out of the blue
There is no coming back. March 1, 2022 ~ Katherine Spitzer

Simply Me

Clouds are Breaking
Sun peaks from between
Clouds like stained glass
Through drapes of pale green

Tempting my skin to feel
Tears stream
Day after day
As laughter screams

It’s not so simple
It is just simply me
Basically complex
From seam to seam

Low and high tide
Nightmares and sweet dream
It’s all or nothing
But there’s nothing in between.

Darkness into Light
Summer through Spring
Night into day
Every second every heartbeat

It’s not so simple

It is just simply me
Basically complex
From seam to seam.

February 3, 2022

The River

I held out my hand true
Tempted to believe
That the leverage might be enough for you
Knowing all along, I am naive
I always hope for skies of blue
But that hope is often deceived
As you were so dead set to prove
My eyes could hardly believe
The tantrums that you threw
How you screamed and stomped your feet
Like a child with the terrible two’s
With an incessant need
As a child that just left the womb
Your presence made it hard to breathe
While the Chaos of your shadow loomed
Your years numbered thirty three
darkness of impending doom
From your every pore it seeped
More and more I withdrew
As regret enveloped me
Facing the fact I already knew
The one that I deceived, was yours truly.
January 25, 2022

2 years

I have been blogging for 2 years!!! So much has happened and it has gone by both quickly and painfully slow.

I wanted to say Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way. If you are new here, then welcome. I hope that you enjoy, as I’m sure that I will enjoy your blog as well. I am grateful to God for giving me my voice, and grateful for you for stopping by.

Every Corner

Every Corner

I am always looking for you

Around every corner of every dream

Even after all this time

I am left wondering

My heart smiles

When I think of you

My heart cries too

Because I miss you

No matter my steps forward

I keep looking back

Because that is where

Your steps are at

Our last birthday

Was 10 years ago

I was really hurt

Because you didn’t show

Of course I said

I didn’t care

It was your loss

That you weren’t there

How could I know

What was to come

Or how much

These years have stung

I don’t know how

I thought life would end

I just know how hard

It was to breathe then

I could not understand

How my heart could still beat

Without the echo

Of yours next to me

That night in the hospital

Where the roof opened wide

When my eyes were overcome

With the brightest of light

Where out of the clouds

Came an outstretched hand

Like an invitation

To the promise land

I began to reach out

I began to let go

But I second guessed

Then the roof closed

As sure as air

Is needed for life

I know that it was you

Saying goodbye

It took me years

To put into words

The vision I had

Of you leaving this world

Afraid of being judged

Or how it would be received

I kept it locked away

Hidden inside quietly

I don’t know why

I was so afraid

Of something that

Comforts me so much today

We all have our battles

We carry our scars

We let some have light

Others we keep in the dark

I know the battles

You struggled to fight

I also know how dark it is

In the middle of the night

I hope you know

It still doesn’t seem right

The dullness without

Your beautiful light

I wonder if

You are aware

Of how dark it is

Without you here

It’s the same thing


Over and over

This miss you game

Why are you gone

Why am I here

When I close my eyes

I just disappear

It is quiet

A kind of numb

Until I open them again

Then I am overcome

My mind starts racing

Memories rush in

I cannot make it stop

I don’t know where to begin

Without you here

The world is cold

It’s missing its color

Of your paintings so bold

If I could have had

A single wish

Life would not have

Turned out like this

Loving is natural

But it comes with risks

It can lift you up

Or crash down like bricks

Blocking out the sun

As well as your warmth

Buried in the rubble

Of a broken heart

I think of you

Every single day

In the dark of night

In the shimmering rays

Of the Sunlight

While I pray for peace

That all your demons

Have been set free

Hear me as I say

With everything in me

I wish you were here

Not only in memories

I was blessed

To have my twin

My heart truly believes

I will see you again

Until that day

In every way in everything

Hopeful that when I knock

You’ll open up the door for me.

Katherine Spitzer



Dear God I am lost
But more so confused
I want to be faithful
In my service of you

I am asking for help
For guidance I seek
What is right or wrong
No one will tell me

The weight of everything
Is pushing me down
Before too long I will be
Completely underground

Oh, yes indeed
I have been there before
I never thought that I would ever
Crawl back through this door

But here I sit pondering
Why would I be so smug
To think I was immune
To think I was above

I am not so special
I am not unique
Is it pride or arrogance
You tell me

I fall down just like you
Standing on my two feet
I ask for God’s forgiveness
Kneeling humbly

Darkness will land upon me
The rain still soaks my skin
I cry tears like everyone
I bleed from within

When I reach the Heavenly gates
Answering for my sins
I will pray for God’s mercy
Praying He forgives

The alpha and omega
The beginning and the end
Within my brokenness
In pieces only God can mend.
Katherine Spitzer


I wander blinding without a clue


Darkness fills the space around me

A cloud the length of eternity

Alone and tired of this path

This darkness only leads to death

A place where rain falls and sunshine lacks

There are no steps forward, none back

Time and time again

It comes to this confusion

Happiness, an illusion, lies

And behind these tears I hide

Is there a time for me

To be let go and set free.

Katherine Spitzer 1988

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