Double Rainbow April 21, 2022

Do you hear
Me pray to you
With a heart
That loves you true

I am trying to
Open my eyes
To live my life
Not let it pass me by

I want to hear
The birds in the trees
Calling to me
To listen quietly

To the stories
That they tell
The geese with
Their nightly farewell

The shades of
The leaves in the trees
So beautiful
Changing Seasonally

The colors of this world
That you paint
Fading into each other
Off in the distance

The sparkle of
The nightly stars
Guiding our way to say
You are not far

The sun
Burning bright
Lights our day
With keen insight

Showing us beauty
Within every beam
Shining down upon us to highlight
Sights otherwise unseen

The waves crashing
Onto the beach
Sometimes so swiftly that
It knocks us off our feet

All the dollars
On the sand
The riches of each tide
Are scattered all around

The raindrops that fall
Tears from above
As You weeps quietly
With Your undying love

The rainbows so delightful Dancing colors in the sky
Take away the breath
Of those within it’s sight

The mountains towering
Capped in white
A chilling embrace of frozen might

A breeze that carries
The leaves away
Softly blowing in
The beauty of today

Dear God
Thank You so
For showing me Your love
With the wonders You bestow.
Katherine Spitzer

#poetry #gratitude #life #God #love

Pages in Time

Shadows of
The moonlit glow
A space between
What we don’t know
Sunlight streams
With dancing beams
Light a path
Of the dreams in between
Mystic glow
Disperse into the unknown
From gentle streams
Of rhythmic flow
Shooting stars
Light the sky
And the dreams
Of you and I
Pages in time
Yours and mine
Let us entwine
Where our hearts are tied
Age to age
All in all
Loves message
Written on a wall
Of all the days
That recall
All the ways
That love befalls
Swept away
Like a midnight ball
Yet love remains
For eternity
Never lead astray
A forever shade of history.
Katherine Spitzer

#lovemylife #poetry

God’s Precision

Are your eyes
Ever distracted by
The color of the sky
By the sunset or sunrise

Does it ever
Capture your gaze
Hold onto your thoughts
Or take you away

Do you ever
Lie on the ground
Like when you were young
To find shapes in the clouds

Everyday life
Wraps us up so tight
In all the things we have to do
That we miss life’s delight

The waves of the seas
Crash upon the beach
The dance of the ocean
Is blissfully unique

The wind of today
Push the clouds on their journey
Never to be repeated again
In the same exact way

Stop and consider
Every single tiny thing combined
That make up the universe
That is so intricately designed

Far beyond what any human
Could ever envision
The absolute beauty
Of God’s precision

This world was made
With loving hands
So go outside and adventure
Live a life that its beauty demands.
Katherine Spitzer

#life #poetry #blessed #hope


My heart broke a bit more today
Sitting next to your bed
You were fighting so hard to stay
As each breath was labored

I sat there among your friends
Where I felt truly blessed
Knowing you were near the end
As you struggled for every breath

I held your hand
I kissed your forehead
I told you how I was blessed
Because of you my friend

One by one
Everyone said goodbye
All of a sudden
It was just you and I

I spoke of my memories
We had so much fun
Because that is who you are
To everyone

I told you of all the love
Posted on your page
I spoke of those Harley rides
I treasure every single one

I told you that I would
Forever cherish our friendship
That if I could
Have just one wish

I wish you could stay
So that we could laugh
For many more days
But God had a different plan

I said look at you
Fighting so hard to stay
That you didn’t have to
That it would be okay

That you didn’t have to anymore
But I did not expect
When I said it was alright to let go
That you would take your last breath

But that is what happened
You were ready to say goodbye
I cried as I held your hand
While the nurse closed your eyes

Feeling completely blessed
That I got to say goodbye
So soar with the eagles
Take a Harley for a ride

Ride on your horses
Feel the breeze going by
With Rags on your lap
Who waited for you to arrive

Say hello to Colin
Hug your dear dad
I had the very best friend
In such an amazing man.

Katherine Spitzer. 10/2/2015
#poetry #life #death #grief

I wrote this poem for my wonderful friend on Friday after He flew to Heaven.


Dear God,
I am so amazed
At the gifts you bestow
The wonder of your grace
For all the world to know
You are so gracious
With your gifts of love
Your skies are so spacious
Hovering above
The sun is so warm
Shining in the sky
The power of the storms
That shows us all your might
God did you know
As the days go by
I know you love me so
As you hold this heart of mine
Sometimes I get lost
In what the day brings
Forgetting that I have sought
Only earthly things
I thank you so
For all you have given me
For what I have yet to know
For all I have yet to see
The visions in my mind
Of what Forever will be
To leave the earth behind
For Your gifts so heavenly Sometimes I forget
The lessons that you teach
I don’t want to regret
Or miss a love within my reach
You touch my heart
Deeply into my soul
Loving me from the start
Teaching me to follow
Thank you for your love
For my friends and family
For my daughter and son
For the gift of eternity
For my husband, my friend
To walk beside me
A love on which I can depend
As true as the sea
Or the Sun above
That you have chosen me
As a child that is enough
Where Heaven is my destiny.
Katherine Spitzer


Time moves on without a thought
How cruel is that truth
My heart breaks with loss
My voice becomes mute

No one’s pain is measured
In any proven way
To say who is more treasured
Yours or mine on any given day

My heart beats as does yours
With no more validity
My spirit sinks and soars
Just as intermittently

For every stranger passing by
Pain weaves it’s way intricately
As no one makes it through this life
Without the mark of defeat

One of the beauties of this world
Are the roots of our diversity
I hope that my words are heard
In languages that, I do not speak

For everyone in His sight
Deserves to be regarded preciously
We were made by God’s design
LOVE speaks universally.
Katherine Spitzer

#life #poetry #pain #hope


The clouds they
Move across my mind
In between
The sky and I
Long enough
To lose sight
Of the horizon
Before my eyes
Too many times
In my life
Were so dark
In the sunshine
The days or so
At least I think
Of in between
On the brink
Where I lost
All sense of time
In the shadows
Of day and night
In deep pain
Truly suffering
With every breath
Came a sting
That very sting
Was the only way
I knew I was breathing
Life was someplace
Dark and light
Of nothingness but
For the tears I cried
You cannot know
This place
Unless you have been
Lost in this maze
A maze of
Crevices and cracks
An eternally spinning
Mind trap
With such speed
Accompanied by dizziness
Waiting to awake
A brutal suspense
Where up is down
Left is right
A go means stop kind of
Haziness of life
It matters not
Who loves you
It matters only
If you can love you too
I have walked
So far and long
To be exactly
Where I belong
It is the same
Old place I have always been
That I see so differently now
Than I did then
I was so
Blinded by pain
Completely numbing
My heart and brain
For as long
As I can even remember
Deep inside
I’ve carried fear
I was able to
Keep it from
Destroying me
When I was young
I learned to be
Fast on my feet
Smiling and joking
So you did not see
The times I felt
I could not breathe
The nights that I
Cried myself to sleep
Where if you had not
Watched me fall
I may have really
Fooled you all
I know I tried
My very best
To hide my
Emotional unrest
I have been here
In this place
But I have eclipsed
That empty space
For those who have
Stood by me
My grateful heart
Loves you eternally
It has been
A bumpy ride
Without you I’d have
Surely lost the fight
Life is now
No longer colorless
There is beauty
There is music
More than lucky
I am blessed
I can see that now
If I couldn’t back then
God has been
By my side
For every smile
Or tear I’ve cried
He lovingly placed ones
To be exactly where
I needed them to be
Those who have
Helped to open my eyes
To challenge the fear
I have carried inside
You are my angels
Shimmering at night
That God has given me
As my nightlight
Each new day
I am so amazed
By my earthly angels
Who shared this journey
I believe that you
Know who you are
You have shined so bright
My light, my stars
I want you to know
You mean everything
By birth or heart
You are my family.
Katherine Spitzer

#life #poetry #hope #faith #blessed #love #gratitude

You and Me

Soft, Sweet

A heartbeat

Simple and true

The blessing of you

A spark of light

Within sight

Warm and inviting

Simply to delight in

A flare

Of emotion

A dare

Of devotion

A thought

A whisper

So often sought

Crystal clear

Honest and real

Within reach

Unable to conceal

What loudly speaks

To my heart openly

If I let you

Sing to me

Your heart too

A gentle place, beautifully

is waiting for me and for you.

Katherine Spitzer


The Serenade of a Breeze

A soft breeze blows
A gentle whisper in my ear
Please speak up
For I cannot quite hear
I try to comprehend
The message that it brings
Because I don’t want to miss
The song that it sings
Floating on each leaf
As if it had wings
The sweet lullaby
Playing on my heart strings
If I move too quickly
I cannot hear each sweet whisper
In the noise of the day
The songs just disappear
So stops and listen to the whispers
Floating on each breeze going by
Daring you not to miss the melody
Bringing one’s ear such sweet delight.

Katherine Spitzer

#poetry #life #hope