The Other Side of Me

I wrote this poem many years ago. I ❤️ it, because it was 100% true.
I am sharing again for my new followers.
I ❤️ feedback. Can you relate to any part of it… Have you ever felt this way? Please let me know. Thank you for being here and stay blessed. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

There’s a secret that I hide
When you look at me
The story that hides inside
The other side of me

When you see me laugh and play
The smiles that you see
Really only hide the truth
The other side of me

The funny things that I do
That make me seem carefree
Only hide the tears I cry
The other side of me

The jokes I tell to make light
So you cannot see
The fears behind the mask
The other side of me

I hide the ugly with a laugh
So I can deceive
The pain, the torment and the fear
The other side of me

If I’m willing to take a chance
There’s truth in front of me
Can I trust in these new things
With the other side of me

Can I look to the sky
After the awful things I’ve seen
To trust in the Lord’s graciousness
For the other side of me

If I look to the Lord
Forgiveness waits for me
The bondage of a childhood
The other side of me

I want to be a happy child
God watching over me
So all that hides the other side
Can finally be set free.

Katherine Spitzer

6 thoughts on “The Other Side of Me

    1. That is so sweet. Thank you. It is hard to trust others enough to let them see who you truly are, especially when you have hidden it for so long, that even you aren’t sure who you are.
      But once you give yourself 15 – 20 years to learn and stand up for yourself, it becomes a lot easier to say, this is me, and I am not changing for you – so deal or there’s the door.
      Goodness is inside your heart ❤️
      You are pretty awesome as well

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  1. Don’t hide that side
    is part of you today
    to heal and recover
    there’s always a way.
    Stay humble be grateful
    accept who you are
    God already loves you
    even with those scars.
    From the past, with God
    you don’t have to flee
    but find strength with him
    that side can let it free.

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