How do you cope with severe anxiety in an environment that you cannot control???

I am in the hospital for a week now. I have not had so much anxiety in quite awhile. I am jumping out of my skin and I have nothing here that will calm me down.

Anyone with a startle response has to understand that feeling and every noise making me jump 3″ off the bed.

What do you do??? Thanks. Stay Blessed, Kat

17 thoughts on “How do you cope with severe anxiety in an environment that you cannot control???

  1. 10 mg Ambien. My ptsd is so bad that my subconscious is almost always on high Alert.
    I logically know that I am safe… but my fight or flight is so powerful.
    My husband can put his head on the pillow and be out cold in 60 seconds. If he lays there for longer than 3 minutes he starts to complain.
    I have told everyone of my doctors that I would give nearly anything to be able to fall asleep so fast and sleep straight through the night.
    No one knows how to help that happen.
    For example
    As I laying in the hospital and about to stop breathing,
    the alarms were going off….
    What I heard was the doctors feet pounding on the floor and keys jingling- as they ran towards my room.
    That is the last sound I remember before I coded.
    Maybe one day.


  2. Thank you all for your help and prayers. It means a lot. It doesn’t help that because of my fall history that I have an extremely high pitch alarm set on my bed… if I get up without a nurse with me.
    I get super claustrophobic but LOUD is even more unsettling.
    You are so appreciated. ❤️

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      1. Yes. I was in a coma for 2 weeks 10 years ago after I coded in the hospital.
        My veins will never recover.
        I’ve got a PICC Line now and my hand back but it is very sore. ❤️

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