I can hear my heart speak
But it does not make a sound
If you put your ear on my chest
Would the beat be found?

Strange how standing next to you
Can feel so alone
Even in a crowded room
Oddly feeling unknown

I can feel my lips moving
Can you hear the words
A unheard

My eyes can witness
Just as yours do
Yet how differently we perceive
What we see as true

With human nature
That can be inhumane
No two eyes
See exactly the same

Some screams
Fall on deaf ears
Some whispers
Echo through the years

The shadows of darkness
Light the night sky
As the sun is able
To blind the eye

From joy and happiness
Tears will stain
The way we laugh
To ease our pain

This life is strange
Without a doubt
Whether you see it
Upside down or inside out.
Katherine Spitzer

#life #poetry

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